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28cm Multilayer panels

28cm Multilayer Panels

Sunburnt wood is the most popular reclaimed wood surface!

Sunburnt boards originally come from old stables, farmhouses and barns. Depending on the orientation of the building towards the sun or weather side, different colorations of light to dark brown have developed on the surface over time. This structure is absolutely unique and mechanically not reproducible!

With a fixed with of 28cm you can so easily mount them and choose the colorstyling you want yourself. 

100% recycable


  • Type of wood: spruce / fir / pine
  • Colours: mixed shades of brown
  • Tongue&Groove
  • Thickness: approx. 19mm
  • Width: 28cm (without tongue)
  • kiln dried
  • 4pcs. / Unit = profile width 112cm

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28cm multilayer plate
28cm multilayer plate
Multilayer plate reclaimed wood
Multilayer plate
Wallpanels reclaimed wood
wallpanels sunburnt in sleeping room
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