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3D-Wallpanels, sunburnt

3D-Wallpanels come from sunburnt reclaimed boards with different thicknesses and surfaces, which causes a unique 3-dimensional appearance.

  • Type of wood:        spruce / fir / pine
  • Color:                      mixed browns and greys
  • Thickness:                 mixed 16-25mm
  • Lengths:                    56cm, 28cm or mixed
  • kiln dried
  • Packing units of 25 pieces or 50 pieces = 1.05 m2

3D-wallpanels hand-hewn can be found here.

Altholz Wandverkleidung 3D-Streifen sonnenverbrannt
Altholz Wandverkleidung 3D-Streifen sonnenverbrannt
Altholz 3D Streifen Sonnenverbrannt
Altholz 3D Streifen Sonnenverbrannt Pakete

Prefabricated panels have a fixed (colour) pattern. Brenners Altholz  3D-stripes can be placed according to your individual needs. Their shadow play creates a natural, interesting and rustic look.

Get your individual offer here:

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