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Reclaimed Beams & Rafters, hand-hewn

Our antique beams, Type  B3, come with a hand-hewn surface, are kiln-dried (heat treatment against pest infestation), brushed and ready to mount.

  • Type of wood:        spruce / fir / pine
  • Colour:                    mixed shades
  • Dimensions:          10/12 – 24/26 cm
  • Lengths:                  0.5 – 13.0m
  • Notches and bungholes allowed
  • Surface:                  brushed
  • Treatment:            kiln dried
  • Denailed by sight
  • Optional:            free from notches and bungholes
  • Optional:            untreated material (not dried and brushed)

Beams and rafters s from solid oak can be found here.

Originale Altholz Balken, Fichte
Originale Altholz Balken, Fichte
Altholz Balken Mit Zapfloch
Altholz Balken Im Lager
Handgehackte Balken
Handgehackte Altholz Balken
Balken Brenners Altholz

Our reclaimed hand-hewn beams have been carved from tree trunks using a traditional broadax.

The traces of the ax have created a unique surface which varies depending on the light. Warm shades of light to dark brown have developed on the surface over the years due to the natural weahtering.

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