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Type BB-E: BoxedBeams from Solid Oak

BoxedBeams from Solid Oak

Our BoxedBeams from solid oak are mad from reclaimed oak beams which we form into an u-shape.

They are, like our Type E1, hand-hewn, kiln-dried, brushed and ready to mount. Cables and pipes can be routed in the beam and LED spots or lamps can be stylishly installed.

  • Hand-hewn reclaimed beams
  • Type of wood:        oak
  • Colour:                    mixed shades
  • Backside:                sawn
  • Surface:                   brushed
  • Treatment:             kiln-dried (pest free)
  • Width, height and U-shape: see enquiry

Massive, solid oak beams can be found here.

Oak Reclaimed Wood Beams
Oak Reclaimed Wood Beams

BoxedBeams are made from solid reclaimed oak beams and are joint with real, almost invisible treenails – just as it was done back in the old times!

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