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Our BoxedBeams are made from reclaimed beams which we form into an u-shape.

They are, like our Type B3, hand-hewn, kiln-dried, brushed and ready to mount. Cables and pipes can be routed in the beam and LED spots or lamps can be stylishly installed.

  • Hand-hewn, reclaimed beams
  • Type of wood:        spruce / fir / pine
  • Colour:                       mixed shades
  • Back:                           sawn
  • Surface:                     brushed
  • Treatment:               kiln-dried (pest-free)
  • Width, height and U-shape: see enquiry

Solid, hand-hewn reclaimed beams can be found here.

Altholz Balken Handgehackt,
Altholz Balken Handgehackt,
Altholz Ausgehöhlte Balken
Boxedbeams Wandregal
Altholz Balken In U-Form

BoxedBeams are made from solid reclaimed wood beams and are joint with real, almost invisible treenails – just as it was done back in the old times!

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