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First there was an idea.
Then the idea became a plan.
And the plan became Brenners Altholz!

Since 2012 Brenners Altholz is delievering its reclaimed wood to many countries in- and outside of the EU.

Here’s who we are and what we do:

Manager Brenners Altholz Jürgen Wohleser

Jürgen Wohleser

is the Managing Director of Brenners Altholz. His experience in project- and team-manangement in international companies as well as his legal education provides the necessary knowhow to lead Brenner Altholz.  Combined with his creativity a steady development as well as constant new ideas are guaranteed.

Brenners Altholz Team Marion

Marion Glanz

is the first contact to all our customers and prospective clients. Together with Jürgen she’s the head of Brenners Altholz. With her extensive knowledge in accounting and human resoucre management Marion provides the base for all administrational processes.  Furthermore she precisely monitores the process of production and delivery.

Brenners Altholz Team Karin

Karin Hintermair

makes our products visible!
Together with Jürgen she’s in charge of Marketing, Webdesign and our Webshop.
Furthermore Karin plans our internal processes and makes sure our customers get their reclaimed wood in time!

Brenners Altholz | Team

Sabrina Gludovatz

is our bookeeping-fairy! She controls meticulously our books and keeps them in order. Besides that Sabrina always steps in when our goods need to get on the road and takes track of all our purchases.

Brenners Altholz Team

Mike Schrattenecker

is the head of our production team. He coordinates hands-on all our orders and makes sure our customers get their refined old-wook just in time. Mike constantly puzzles over new ideas and products as well as how to improve our internal processes.

Brenners Altholz Team - About us

Marek, Peter, Elwis, Mike, Danut and Gabi

are the masters of refinement!
They clean, sort, shape and brush the wood and make sure our customers get the perfect quality of reclaimed wood – they are the power engine of Brenners Altholz!

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