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Wallcover from old Oak

This rustic wallcover made of 100% reclaimed wood with cutted/sawn surface comes from demolished old buildings. It was carefully recycled (upcycled), is super environmentally friendly and gives a warm touch to every room.

The elements are easy to install, our EndBeams are the perfect  finish to your new old wallcover.

Reclaimed Oak Board
Reclaimed Oak Board
Reclaimed Oak Board

Old Oak can be used in any environment. Its classical, original surface is the perfect choice for wall coverings with a wow-factor!



  • Holzart: aus gesägten Altholz Eichenbalken
  • Farben: gemischte Farbtöne
  • Längen: gemischt zw. 80 – 200cm
  • Breiten: 3 Fixbreiten
  • Stärke: 25mm
  • kammergetrocknet,gebürstet,
  • Nut/Nut inkl. blinder Feder

With the special “kiln-dried” version, the waste wood is “dried” for several days in a drying chamber at over 60 ° C, thus preventing insecticide infestation in the delivery condition. It is an environmentally friendly form of pest control.

However, we ask for your understanding that after this point in time, a possible new infestation is beyond our control and therefore cannot be ruled out.We therefore recommend preventive treatment against renewed worm infestation.

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