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Type LB - eLbowBeams


Our eLbowBeams are hand-hewn beams, cut into half diagonally and then processed into an l-shape. As our BoxedBeams you get an original reclaimed wood beam, hand-hewn, kiln-dried and brushed!

  • Type of wood:        spruce / fir / pine
  • Colours:                     mixed shades
  • Outside width:        10-24cm
  • Outside height:      6-18cm
  • Height / width (L): 5-15cm
  • Wall thickness:        approx. 30mm
  • Lengths:                    0.5-6.0m
  • Brushed & kiln-dried

The perfect wallcladding to match your eLbowBeams can be found here.

Brenners Altholz Eckbalken
Altholzbalken Für Die Ecke
Altholzbalken Eckverkleidung

Our eLbowBeams elegantly cover wall corners and edges, spurs as well as existing beams. Handling and assembly is super easy due to the low weight, but the effect will be surprising, so go creative! 

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