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Type L5 - Flooring

Reclaimed Wooden Flooring

Original reclaimed wooden flooring – type L5 – has originally been used in old living rooms, farm buildings, stables or barns. The unique patina shows the characteristic fading from earlier times. Our flooring is kiln-dried (pest-free), brushed and ready for laying.

The perfect wallcladding to fit your wooden flooring can be found here.

Reclaimed wooden flooring
Reclaimed wooden flooring
Reclaimed wood floor
Relaimed wood floor
Reclaimed wood floor as woodceiling
Reclaimed wooden floor as wallpanel
Reclaimed wood flooring
Reclaimed wood floor original detail view
Reclaimed wood flooring
Reclaimed wood floor

The floors have been walked, swept and wiped clean. Reclaimed wood flooring mostly come from farmhouses, old warehouses, stables and barns. Therefore, the surface and its appearance differ. Today, old floors are used in all living spaces, in restaurants but also in company buildings, where they provide a cozy atmosphere.


  • Type of wood: spruce / fir / pine
  • Surface: brushed
  • Lengths: mixed 2.0- 5.0m
  • Widths: mixed from 12cm+
  • Thickness: 22-30mm
  • Ready to lay
  • kiln-dried
  • Backside planed
  • Trimmed
  • Optional: other thicknesses, other lengths, tongue and groove

We always produce order to order. After your payment has been received, we will start producing your order. In this way we can guarantee that we always deliver exactly what you need for your project. You will receive the planned delivery time in your offer or in your order confirmation.

With the special “kiln-dried” version, the waste wood is “dried” for several days in a drying chamber at over 56° C, thus preventing insecticide infestation in the delivery condition. It is an environmentally friendly form of pest control. 

The Official Plant Protection Service of Austria, regional service of Upper Austria confirms that we are officialy registered under the registration number NO. AT-08403 and autids through regular inspections the verfification compliance with ISPM No. 15 measures. 

However, we ask for your understanding that after this point in time, a possible new infestation is beyond our control and therefore cannot be ruled out.We therefore recommend preventive treatment against renewed worm infestation.

In the case of untrimmed boards the natural/original edges are retained.

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