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Type HB: HalfBeams


Our HalfBeams are three sided original reclaimed wood beams, only the backside is sawn (or planed on request). They are hand-hewn, kiln-dried and brushed.

  • Type of wood:        spruce / fir / pine
  • Colours:                   mixed shades
  • Thicknesses:           50-120mm, backside sawn or planed
  • Widths:                      10-25cm
  • Lengths:                    0.5-8.0m
  • Surface:                     brushed
  • Treatment:             kiln-dried (pest-free)
  • Optional:                individual lengths, widths or thicknesses

For a perfect trim of corners and edges you can have a look at our eLbowBeams here.

Just as solid beams and rafters, our HalfBeams are real, hand-hewn beams with the classic colour scheme of reclaimed wood. The weight reduction due to the sawn backside allows a quick and easy assembly.

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