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Hand-hewn reclaimed boards, trimmed

Our hand-hewn reclaimed boards – type H2 – are trimmed on both sides and planed to a uniform thickness. This makes it easy to assemble your individual wall panelling.

  • Type of wood:        spruce / fir / pine
  • Colours:                  mixed shades
  • Thickness:              planed to approx. 30mm
  • Widths:                   mixed from 10cm
  • Lengths:                  1.5 – 4.5m
  • Surface:                     brushed
  • Treatment:               kiln dried
  • Trimmed (edges of the boards were separated)
  • Optional:                length sorting or cut to fit

The best way to finish your wallpanelling is to use our EndBeams.

Handgehackte Altholz Bretter
Handgehackte Altholz Bretter
Handgehacktes Altholz
Alte Handgehackte Althozbretter
Wandverkleidungen Aus Handgehacktem Altholz
Altholz Garderobe Mit Haken
Wohnzimmer TV-Rückwand Mit Altholz
Kommode Aus Holz
Berg-Restaurant Kasermandl Holz
Handgehackte Altholz Bretter
Gastrokönig Innen Aus Holz
Wandverkleidungen Aus Handgehacktem Altholz
The antique boards with original chopped surface are cut or sawn from solid beams or block walls.
The original surface shows the unique traces of the ax, with which until a 100 years ago the beams were carved from tree trunks. Traces such as nail holes, cracks and discolorations are well wanted and underline the individual look.


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