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TYPE S2, natural

Sunburnt reclaimed wood, natural

Our sunburnt reclaimed wood, natural – type S2 – is kiln-dried (heat treatment against pest infestation) and delivered with a cleaned surface. S2 is unplaned (different board thicknesses) and not trimmed so the natural edges come into effect.

  • Type of wood:           spruce / fir / pine
  • Colours:                     mixed shades
  • Thickness:                 18 – 25mm
  • Widths:                      mixed
  • Lengths:                    1.5 – 4.5m
  • Surface:                     slightly brushed
  • Treatment:               kiln dried
  • Original and / or trimmed sides

Sunburnt reclaimed boards with tongue and groove for an easy installation can be found here.

Sunburnt boards stacked
Sunburnt boards stacked
Sunburnt boards stacked
Sunburnt reclaimed wood boards

Sunburnt boards come from old stables, farmhouses and barns. Depending on the orientation of the building towards the sun or the weather side, different colorations of light to dark brown have developed on the surface over time. This structure is absolutely unique and not mechanically reproducible!

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