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Type E3 - Solid Oak Timber

Sawn Timber from Solid Oak

Sawn Timber from solid oak is gained from beams or log walls of reclaimed oak. It is used in many variations and suitable for table tops, stairs, wall coverings and much more.

  • Type of wood:       Old oak
  • Colours:                 mixed shades
  • Thickness:         mixed between 50 – 65mm (rough sawn)
  • Widths:                  mixed 12-25cm
  • Lengths:                1.5 – 3.5m
  • Edges partially original (tree edge) or trimmed (sawn edge)
  • kiln-dried
  • Optional:            planed surface, sorted length, cut to fit, planed to uniform thickness

Tailor-made table tops from reclaimed oak for your individual needs can be found here.

Old oak boards stacked
Old oak boards stacked
Oak boards nature surface
Old oak kitchen worktop
Old oak boards
Reclaimed wood oak boards stacked

Solid oak is one of the most valuable and elegant (reclaimed) woods – it’s the’ je ne sais quoi’ for every piece of furniture. Cracks, old nail holes and other traces of the oak create that interesting look of high quality!

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