Old wood for every project from Brenners Altholz GmbH

Welcome to Brenners Altholz®, your reliable partner for high-quality old wood from the Alps and the mountains of Austria, Bavaria, and the former monarchy.

If you want to buy old wood, you've come to the right place. We specialize in the processing of genuine, old wood, or "Altholz," and offer customized solutions for projects of any size and style - from architects and craftsmen to private and DIY projects.

From rustic wall paneling to complete furnishings for chalets, restaurants, and hotels - we have the perfect material for your individual needs if you want to buy old wood. Our handmade products are made from deconstructed old wood that we carefully prepare and preserve in its unique beauty.

Get inspired by projects we have already completed. We are proud to offer our customers an uncomplicated and pleasant shopping experience and are happy to assist you with the implementation of your next project, especially when it comes to buying and processing old wood.

By using old wood in your projects, you contribute to sustainability and resource conservation by using recycled materials and thus reducing environmental impact.

Trust Brenners Altholz® for top quality and service in all your old wood projects.

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