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Holz Lagerplatz Brenners Altholz
Stapler Mit Altholz In Lagerhalle
Handgehackte Balken Auf Einem Stapler
Altholz Gelagert Auf Lagerplatz Brenners

From our warehouse in A-5141 Moosdorf, Furkern 15, our reclaimed wood is shipped internationally.

We supply national and international businesses (carpentry, construction companies, interior design firms, resellers, etc.) as well as private persons / do-it-yourselfers who produce impressive pieces of furniture and buildings with our solid reclaimed wood.

You are from outside of Austria and interested in receiving our products?

We are available by phone  +43 660 55 73 262  or e-mail at

LKW Beladen Mit Altholz Brettern
LKW Beladung Altholz-Bretter
Mit Altholz Beladener LKW
Beladung LKW Altholz



Visit us at in A-5141 Moosdorf, Furkern 15 (close to Salzburg, directly on B156), and have a look at our reclaimed wood in our warehouse.

To arrange an appointment, please call +43 660 55 73 262 or send us and email at


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