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Reclaimed Oak Boards with original surface

Our antique solid oak boards with original surface – type E4 – are kiln dried (heat treatment against pest infestation) and trimmed on both sides. The boards are planed to a uniform thickness and therefore easy to install. If wanted, we can add tongue and groove to the boards so the installation will be even easier (pls. choose this option in the form below).

Hand-chopped fir / spruce / pine wall cladding can be found here.

Badezimmer Wandverkleidung aus AltholzEiche
Badezimmer Wandverkleidung aus AltholzEiche
Brenners Altholz | Wallpanels from original old oak | E4
TV-Wandverkleidung aus Altholz Eiche
Reclaimed wood table in wine cellar
Wandverkleidung aus alten Eichen Brettern
Wandverkleidung aus alten Eichen Brettern
Wall covering old oak
Wandverkleidung aus Altholz Eiche im Badezimmer
Wallpanels reclaimed oak
Reclaimed wood oak surface
Reclaimed wood oak
Original surface oak detail view

Old Oak can be used in any environment. Its classical, original surface is the perfect choice for wall coverings with a wow-factor!

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  • Type of wood: oak
  • Colours: mixed shades
  • Widths: 8-20cm
  • Lengths: 1.5 – 4.0m
  • Thickness: planed on approx. 30mm at the back
  • Surface: brushed
  • Trimmed on both sides
  • Chamber dried

Of course – no matter if you run a company or if you are a private person, anyone can buy our products.

We always produce order to order. After your payment has been received, we will start producing your order. In this way we can guarantee that we always deliver exactly what you need for your project. You will receive the planned delivery time in your offer or in your order confirmation.

With the special “kiln-dried” version, the waste wood is “dried” for several days in a drying chamber at over 56° C, thus preventing insecticide infestation in the delivery condition. It is an environmentally friendly form of pest control. 

The Official Plant Protection Service of Austria, regional service of Upper Austria confirms that we are officialy registered under the registration number NO. AT-08403 and autids through regular inspections the verfification compliance with ISPM No. 15 measures. 

However, we ask for your understanding that after this point in time, a possible new infestation is beyond our control and therefore cannot be ruled out.We therefore recommend preventive treatment against renewed worm infestation.

Our old-wood wall covers are not treated and can be installed as supplied by us. The color of the surface no longer changes inside.

It may only darken a little if exposed to direct and permanent sunlight.

Other than tiles, wood can absorb and release moisture again. That leads to a very well indoor climate!

Only direct contact with water, at least over a longer period of time, should be avoided. A little splashing water every now and then is no problem at all. Ventilation is important, but this also applies to tiled walls, otherwise there is a risk of mold.

Make sure that the substructure has adequate ventilation; this is particularly important in damp rooms, such as B. in bathrooms, urgently needed!

This is guaranteed by vertical battens and without a lower or upper end (when the old wood boards are laid horizontally).

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